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Most People Don’t Know How Many Amendments The United States Constitution Has. Let’s Change That.

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About Poliversed

To spectators around the world, it has all been one big joke. Some have humored that the U.S. had become the world number one television show to watch during the 2020 pandemic. A response which fell short of meeting the obstacles presented by a global pandemic, coupled with political division and a controversial executive administration, the U.S. seemed to fall apart during the most momentous election year in history. Politics is trending. Millions of Americans are sifting through politically motivated content being thrown at them from all angles on every social media platform. It’s due to an unfortunate shortcoming in the American public education system that most of those Americans don’t necessarily understand all of that information being hurled at them.

Among the most popular F.A.Q.s of 2020 were questions like ‘how does a president get elected?’ or ‘how can the senate overturn the election?’ or even ‘what is an impeachment, really?’ These are the questions we hope to answer in PoliVersed in a politically unbiased manner. By first breaking down the foundations of how our government works based on documents like the United States Constitution and the U.S. Code, we will build an understanding of American Politics strengthened in trustworthy firsthand sources. Because the most important rule to follow, when reading about law or politics, is to always Check Your Sources.

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