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Chaos On Trump’s Final Full Day As President

The sun has already set across most of the nation on President Trump’s last full day as POTUS. Though Mr. Trump has reportedly opted not to pursue the flamboyant exit he had allegedly been seeking, he nevertheless had his hands full on this, his final day.

Senator Mitch McConnell, the top republican in the senate, said today that the mob responsible for the raid on the capitol on Jan. 6th had, in fact, been provoked by President Trump and other powerful figures.

This, coming hot off the heels of an impending power agreement between Senator McConnell and his counterpart, Chuck Schumer, is seemingly an indication that McConnell may be willing to sever ties with President Trump. Regardless, the news from McConnell, who typically shies away from commenting on the President’s actions, is bound to be upsetting for Trump.

In other news, as the capitol prepares for President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, approximately 25,000 troops are stationed in and around the D.C. area. Tensions have risen to such high levels that the FBI has been vetting guards and has already relieved as many as 12 from their duties in the District of Columbia.

Coast Guard troops lined up outside the Capitol in Washington D.C. (Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images)

It seems that President Trump is not all too concerned with the outcome of Mr. Biden’s inauguration, though. Among other last minute agenda pushes, including the first 13 federal executions in more than a decade, the Trump Administration made one last provocation toward China on their way out the door.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made stunning remarks about China’s repression of various Muslim Ethnic minorities, including the Uighurs. The Trump Administration has always been hard on China, but they have fallen short of ridiculing their crime against ethnic minorities in the past. This is seen largely as a last minute catalyst for the republican base, specifically those most loyal to Trump. Similar to the Administration’s lift on travel bans for Europe and Brazil.

It should be noted, the Biden Team has said publicly that many of the executive orders signed by Trump in his final days will not make it long past 12:01pm on Jan. 20th.

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